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Worst. Spin. Class. Ever.

30 Sep

To adjust to my low car diet, I’ve been modifying my gym schedule to go in the evening. Since I’m not at my standard gym, I decided to try challenging my current workout routine by trying a new gym and class.

Prepared for the Spin class to fill up after reserving my spot ahead of time, I arrived 10 minutes early. I was astonished to find the room empty –  Every class I go to typically is packed by the time I arrive (averaging a meer 2 minutes prior).  I kill a few minutes by finding a towel, and return to the workout studio. Approximately 2 people are in the room with 4 minutes to start time.

Right as clock hits “go”, the instructor saunters in the room and stands by the bike in front. Without a smile or greeting, she barks to increase our resistance on the bike. When we start peddling, she points directly to victims, demanding “You, increase your resistance”. While I appreciate a good kick to get things going, I decided to avoid eye contact in fear of my life. She makes no attempt to learn our names or introduce herself. The spin nazi continues to bark instructions to switch positions, shouting out numbers, and pacing back and forth. Literally, this pressure to keep up was worse than the moments before OJ’s verdict. (If you’re not familiar with spin class routine, typically the instructor bikes at the front of the room so you can follow their lead & determine pace.)

I think my favorite part of the class was the music. Personally, I’m an indie-rock/WXPN kind of girl. When I enter a spin class, I expect pop music or upbeat jams for motivation. However, this music resembled Marilyn Manson beats at a level I believe they used against Guantanamo detainees. And the music device? Spin Nazi changed each song by switching individual CDs. No playlist here.  I’m not sure what I’m more fascinated by – the playlist, or the fact gyms still own CD players.

Thank goodness this spin torture only lasted 30 minutes. I survived the class and got a decent workout out of it.  However, I wish the class instructions on the site included “No smiles, friendliness or fun allowed.”