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the Dentist Debacle…

27 Sep

Growing up, I had a horrific time finding a dentist I liked. My Dad’s health insurance changed 8 times in a 5 year period (perhaps this is exaggerating..) and eventually settled for one towards the end of High School.  If there was a DR competition with long-term commitments, my dentist would win.

I realized on Saturday that my dentist appointment was Monday at 8:30 AM, and there’s no way to get from the dentist office to work by public transit – both locales are in the suburbs.

After hours of mental debate (canceling the appointment, working from home the entire day, a 2.5+ hour commute of taking the train from dentist to Philly back to work), I decided to use a Zipcar trip! Although I could theoretically look for a dentist closer to home, it was too late for me to cancel the appointment.

I found a Honda Insight Hybrid nearby and rented it for a few hours, still giving me facetime by the water cooler:

The hybrid ran very smoothly, even in the rain.

Unfortunately, I waited an HOUR for the dental hygienist to see me, and the dentist was another 15 minute delay. Since I concluded I’d leave work at noon to return the Zipcar back, I made it in for less than 2 hours at the office.

Lesson of the day: When you go carless, best idea is to transfer ALL your doctors/dentists to a 5 mile radius of your home. (and ask your friends for recommendations!)