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What I’ve Accomplished on the Train (Instead of Car)

4 Oct

Although I enjoy the freedom of driving wherever/whenever I please, I’ve accomplished quite a bit while taking the train!

For example:

  • Reading 3 books (2 of which were Chelsea Handler & I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell…But every so often, I need a light read…)
  • Edit copy/projects for work (I promise, I’m not just writing this for my boss!)
  • Update my Twitter with my non-smart phone
  • Snooze
  • Write a blog post
  • Apply Makeup
  • Text friends to catch up
  • Randomly run into a friend, who encourages me to go to the gym afterwards
  • Read U-Lock instructions for my new bike
  • Eavesdrop on bits of random convo…
  • People-watch
  • Refresh & re-read my Monster Miler volunteer instructions!
  • Study the landscape of Philly
  • Cool off from my sweaty sprint to the subway
  • Update my “to do” list

What do you like to do on the train?


My First Zipcar Drive!

22 Sep

When my good friend Prozzie visited this past weekend, she took the eco-friendly route of bus from DC.  While she could have taken a cab, I instead decided to use a sliver of my Zipcar credit from my Low Car Diet participation and took one out for a spin!

I logged onto the website and debated for about 30 seconds between a Honda and Mini Cooper… being I never have driven a Mini Cooper and it looked way cooler, I chose it.  While it was 1:34, I rented a twin to this car for the 1:30-2:30 timeslot:

(minus the bow.)

I moseyed on over to “Martz”, as she was named and awkwardly attempted to see if my Zipcar card into the driver’s side lock  – mind you, it looks like this:

Clearly a credit card wasn’t fitting in a pinhole.

Luckily, I scanned the driver’s side & windshield and found the barcode to recognize my card on the upper right-hand side, and the door unlocked!

I swung back to my apartment past the alleyway and scooped Prozzie… and started our journey over to 30th St.  About 15 minutes later with a pit stop to a mini-market & a driver making a left turn from my right, I dropped her off.

My trip home was pretty smooth sailing until I pulled up to the spot… and noticed a huge delivery truck with the beverage ramp smack in the middle of the street.  I politely asked the delivery man to move the ramp… When he refused, I tried my best to avoid an altercation. Luckily, I maneuvered into the space and parked the car.

After I finally pulled into the spot & locked the car with 2 minutes to go on my return time, I strided by the young delivery man with a look of accomplishment… in hot pink leggings:

Overall, the Zipcar experience was very easy and fun! Luckily, I ran into no problems, swiftly dropped Prozzie off and returned the car on time. I’m looking forward to my next drive.

Zipcar Low Car Diet Kick Off!

14 Sep

Today was the kickoff for Zipcar’s Low Car Diet!

Hopefully it was a good sign that I waited less than 5 seconds for Septa’s Broad Street line to arrive and take me to City Hall.  While waiting, I met several of the enthusiastic Low Car Diet participants all anticipating our car-free month.

Zipcar had impressive stats about their benefits, including

  • 1 Zipcar takes off 20 cars off the streets
  • More than 50% of last year’s participants gave up their cars for good after their low car diet
  • collectively, 1000’s of LBs lost & carbon emissions saved through the Zipcar Challenge

Here are some visuals from the ceremony, starting in City Hall’s Dilworth Plaza:

There were a few speeches – First, Zipcar Philadelphia General Manager; Jeremy Nelson:

Next, as Green Philly Blog author, I was psyched to see  Katherine Gajewski, Philadelphia’s Director of Sustainability, sharing a few words about Philly being the largest car-sharing city:

Here’s one of the Zipcar mini’s we could be using, packed with baskets full of Pop Chips:

Here I am dropping off my keys to start my low-car diet (yes, i realize i’m wayy too short for the microphone in this pic):

And the best part! My bag full of goodies:

I won’t lie. I’m super-psyched to use that aluminum bottle since my SIGG went MIA & I’ve been using one half its size…

Can’t wait to keep you updated on my progress!