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Bikes, Pedestrians & Cars – Can’t We All Get Along?

5 Oct

Philadelphia’s suburbs (for the most part) are impossible to survive sans car. Narrow streets, poor lighting & spread-out communities make cars a necessity.

Living in Philly is very possibly by public transit, walking & biking. Although Spruce & Pine have bike lanes, it can still be pretty scary to ride amongst cars. SEPTA runs the El & Broad St lines,  but characters can be quite shady off work-hours & non-sporting events. Homeless beggars & theft incidents quickly turn off visitors & residents off-peak times.  Philly’s Greenworks initiative is incredible and very innovative – Attempting to make Philly America’s “greenest” city is nothing to frown upon. 

However, Philly has quite some progress to make before coming close to its goal.  Philly’s “Unlitter Us” campaign hosts rallies in neighborhoods, and ads implicate our dirty city reflects us as citizens. How can we change these negative perceptions?

Hosting city cleanups, cleaning our subways & transit systems, or increasing patrol on “off-peak times” can all help better our city’s image.

How do you feel about Philly’s image as a dirty city? What do you think Philly has to do to change this perception?