My Train & SEPTA Wishlist

11 Oct

Technology is so damn cool.

I owned my first iPod in 2004, right before my semester abroad in London. I couldn’t tell you a device I depend on more, constantly listening to tunes and easing my mind from the outside noise.  I’m actually drafting this post on the train currently, on my sweet work laptop.

I still haven’t caved into purchasing a smartphone (I know, I’m so not-hip) but have a few gadgets I’d like to purchase with the spare $10 grand I’d like to win:

  • Kindle

o   I’ve read 3-4 books in the past few weeks. While books are pretty sweet to read and check your progress, it would be nice to have a selection in case you’re ‘almost finished’ one book or going for a longer trip

  • iPad

o   I purchased 3 papers today in honor of Halladay’s No-Hitter last evening. What would be cooler is if I could just look up the articles on one simple screen.. and write… and do everything else Apple is cool enough to create a device for.  I totally had iPad envy on the train the other day… Or I’d settle for:

  • A mini-laptop

o   I toyed with the idea to purchase a $250 Dell mini laptop about a year ago so I could blog from almost anywhere… Since there’s a (thick) line between needs and wants, I overcame this temptation and didn’t purchase. Instead, I pick and choose when I ACTUALLY need my laptop or just convince myself I’ll open it at a later time. (And plus, email makes things so convenient to send over a document!)

What’s on your wishlist for your commute?

(picture courtesy of apple’s awesome website)


One Response to “My Train & SEPTA Wishlist”

  1. Craig December 31, 2010 at 9:59 AM #

    If you get the smartphone you can do all of that with it. I just got the Droid and it has Kindle on it so that takes care of the books and the newspapers. Plus the internet on it is very quick (compared to my blackberry). You could blog from that.. I live in NJ and work in both NJ and Philly. Wish I could use septa and not have to drive 🙂

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