Learning to be Organized

8 Oct

When driving, I typically bring anywhere from 3-5 bags with me on a daily basis.

Car Bags consist of:

  • Gym bag. I go to the gym on the way into work, so I have my work clothes, toiletries, brush, makeup, and other necessities most people use in the morning, before they leave for work.
  • Laptop bag: For working at home
  • Lunch Bag: my lunch bag is on the smaller scale, and I enjoy eating ginormous salads for lunch. Therefore, I have 2 lunch bags. And always bring too much fruit/veggies so I don’t get tempted to purchase Doritos or other desperation foods when hungry. So this turns into a reusable Whole Foods sized bag.
  • Errands Bag: If I run to Target, Trader Joe’s or Wegmens during lunch, I use reusable bags to lessen my impact. Normally these bags are empty on the way to work, but filled on the way home.
  • Purse: Where else would my iPod, cell phone, books, etc. go?

On the train:

  • Purse (reference above)
  • One smaller brown shoulder bag: I have to carefully select & fit my lunch, choice of laptop or exercise shoes/clothes in this bag, so it varies based on what I have to work on and what I’m doing post-work.  This requires me to assess my day and force myself to say “are you REALLY going to do (x, y or z) today? I’ve gotten quite wise between expectations & realities with this little question.

While I may not have lost weight from my body during this Low Car Diet, I’ve lost pounds from what I’ve been carrying & traveling with in my car!


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