What I’ve Accomplished on the Train (Instead of Car)

4 Oct

Although I enjoy the freedom of driving wherever/whenever I please, I’ve accomplished quite a bit while taking the train!

For example:

  • Reading 3 books (2 of which were Chelsea Handler & I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell…But every so often, I need a light read…)
  • Edit copy/projects for work (I promise, I’m not just writing this for my boss!)
  • Update my Twitter with my non-smart phone
  • Snooze
  • Write a blog post
  • Apply Makeup
  • Text friends to catch up
  • Randomly run into a friend, who encourages me to go to the gym afterwards
  • Read U-Lock instructions for my new bike
  • Eavesdrop on bits of random convo…
  • People-watch
  • Refresh & re-read my Monster Miler volunteer instructions!
  • Study the landscape of Philly
  • Cool off from my sweaty sprint to the subway
  • Update my “to do” list

What do you like to do on the train?


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