Zipcar Low Car Diet Kick Off!

14 Sep

Today was the kickoff for Zipcar’s Low Car Diet!

Hopefully it was a good sign that I waited less than 5 seconds for Septa’s Broad Street line to arrive and take me to City Hall.  While waiting, I met several of the enthusiastic Low Car Diet participants all anticipating our car-free month.

Zipcar had impressive stats about their benefits, including

  • 1 Zipcar takes off 20 cars off the streets
  • More than 50% of last year’s participants gave up their cars for good after their low car diet
  • collectively, 1000’s of LBs lost & carbon emissions saved through the Zipcar Challenge

Here are some visuals from the ceremony, starting in City Hall’s Dilworth Plaza:

There were a few speeches – First, Zipcar Philadelphia General Manager; Jeremy Nelson:

Next, as Green Philly Blog author, I was psyched to see  Katherine Gajewski, Philadelphia’s Director of Sustainability, sharing a few words about Philly being the largest car-sharing city:

Here’s one of the Zipcar mini’s we could be using, packed with baskets full of Pop Chips:

Here I am dropping off my keys to start my low-car diet (yes, i realize i’m wayy too short for the microphone in this pic):

And the best part! My bag full of goodies:

I won’t lie. I’m super-psyched to use that aluminum bottle since my SIGG went MIA & I’ve been using one half its size…

Can’t wait to keep you updated on my progress!


One Response to “Zipcar Low Car Diet Kick Off!”

  1. Haley September 20, 2010 at 6:48 PM #

    Julie!! This looks like an awesome experience! I am so proud of you!! Good Luck with your car free diet! 🙂

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